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It is unknown whether he was thrown in jail or if they just left him lying on the street. I will never rest, and neither will you. As an effective non-living entity at that time, he also possessed no sense of pain and the ability to withstand even massive amounts of physical damage. Gizmo sneers and drops the name " Slade ". He then makes a deal with the mysterious Red Xbefore revealing to him that he knew he was Robin and was merely using him. Using his intelligence and charisma, he exploits their weaknesses and fears, and is not above blackmailing them into submission, as he did with Robin in "Apprentice - Part 2". For his arms, he has black gauntlets, gray gloves and wears a gray utility belt.

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As Trigon 's second in command, Slade was granted the ability to fly, teleport, phase, and to generate demonic fire blasts demonic pyrokinesis.

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Final Exam

The Titans travel to the abandoned city library, only to find another Mark of Skath, which reveals a secret underground path that leads to another chamber. He has overlapping armor in certain spots of his body. Ever since their encounter with Slade, The Titans have been up day and night trying to figure out why he is after Raven and what does the symbol and his forehead mean. The first is a gray neck guard that goes to his throat and to his chest, a guard on both shoulders, forearms, over his gauntlets, one for each of his thighs, knees, the top and soles of his feet and finally, a gray sash wrapping horizontally around his torso. Contents [ show ]. Slade is scary and intimidating due to his evil and sadistic personality.

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