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She moaned with each touch. I've just never seen them on another guy before. My cock got instantly had again and my mouth must have been hanging open because he said, "You must like my selection"! I always go out to the same bar on thursdays. She was screaming with pleasure, and we were both about to come when my five year old walked in on us.

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I told her I wanted her to dress up and wear lingerie and pantyhose.

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I parked and turned off my lights and then strolled over look more closely up her skirt as she bent over. I asked him if he liked it as much as with a girl and he said that he never made out with a girl and thought he was gay. While the gist of the story is true, I don't actually remember the exact words of the conversations or even or even know if his name was really Greg but, I will try to fill in the dialog as best as I can remember it. I was sitting in the seats with my feet up trying, without success, to get some rest when a young guy approached. Then I started to lick and suck and nibble his still engorged cock with my pussy juices on it. I was surprised by how good it actually felt.

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