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Loren Rosson. Most of Doctor Who this season has been great, but that mid-season finale really deflated me. I reviewed that one here…. John Milius, Oliver Stone, Basil Poledouris, and James Earl Jones all cared deeply — some would argue, too deeply — about making this project stand out. Now finally remixed in 5. When Conan and Valeria consummate their feelings, the sweaty, grunty sex scene is scored with a theme that swells with a feeling of tragedy, as Poledouris foreshadows their eventual separation.

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Conan decides to set out alone on this suicide mission, though soon enough he requires the help of Valeria and Subotai, as well as an eccentric old wizard Mako — who also happens to be narrating the film.

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Conan the Barbarian (1982)

At a semi-nude orgy, the cultists of Set participate in cannibalism, and James Earl Jones turns into a snake. Here is my theory, or at least my excuse for why I unabashedly love this film: Associating it immediately with that awesome-looking Universal Studios show, and satisfied that it began with issue 1, I picked it up. Conan the Barbarian made him a bona fide movie star. Well, you inspired me Jeff. Nice write-up! Thanks for the comments, Loren.

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